It takes planning and strategy to retain loyal shopper and mobile it makes it easier than ever before. Here are 3 ways to engage in a cannabis retail environment – that you may not have thought of – yet.


It is time to start thinking of what it takes to build a following that wants to know about your retail environment. Is it a straight ahead dispensary – serving clients or more of wellness/holistic center?


These type of retail environments position may differ but the way they use mobile technology to engage in these thriving environments is the same when informing or providing education.


When returning from a trade show or convention, by speaking to others in the same industry, you get a real sense of what people’s priorities are.


Priorities are always evolving depending where you are in the phase of any company. Now with licenses in states in California have slowed to stop and as other states are starting their license procedures and approvals, the shift in the company changes.


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Regulation and compliance are underway and as the dust settles in some key states as California, focus is moved to other states as Oklahoma, Florida and Michigan, well the list goes on with states that are now adult-use recreational use states.  But know that cultivation, manufacturing and distribution – the big machines and hardware, lights, cooling and extraction systems that you see at these trade shows, are now shifting in these states to cannabis retail.

And that key states as California and Oregon are now shifting its focus from compliance in getting your business up and running – towards those who are buying products your clients and potential ones – soon to be loyal members of your cannabis retail environment.

And to capture the attention of clients, to have them know of what’s happening, is to provide value to these clients -right where they’re looking – on their mobile device.

Cannabis retail is where brands, CBD products, topical, edibles and vapes  – are now getting seen by anyone in California with and I.D. card and walk in to see it. The vast amount of product is astonishing, it’s hard to stay ahead of other brands in these retails environments – with everything locked, under- glass, and that federal and state cannabis laws, limits the exposure of advertising, making  mobile an ideal part of brand campaign that engages direct to clients.

When its time to engage, cannabis brands use these three ways to retain loyal clients in a cannabis retail environment:


  • Identity product card
  • Location tags
  • Mobile coupons



When looking at a product, simply scan the QR code in iPhone’s Apples Wallet, bringing up a product card providing all compliant, nutritional facts, educational or anything really that you want your client knowing about your branded product to make that purchase decision an easier one.


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Each retail outlet may have various local events going on that are being sponsored by brands that essential to be out in front to the customer.  Its easy to set up location tags with proximity triggers allowing for loyal clients to be reminded of the local event and who is sponsoring it which brings a value add that clients that sponsors to want to see. Location based engagement creates a call – to – action strategy.


Which is what makes mobile coupons a seamless move bringing a discount to keep them going back for next time to buy product or service. A wellness center takes these coupons one step further, again with call to action links that gives a schedule or reminder of the next service or class directly on the coupon.


Now that the focus is more customer-centric than before in states where licenses have settled in as California and Oregon, more so than ever before and that creating advertising and marketing opportunities for any retail environment is challenging, to say the least, its time to use mobile on the daily to engage. We will get you on the right track to be sure that your engagement number on the rise.