Canadian Cannabis Business Services

Cannabis Act Bill C-45

  • currently working its way through legislation and by autumn 2018 it will be in full effect
  • can be complicated to navigate with such uncertainty, yet now is the time get your ducks in a row to be prepared for compliance
  • current restrictions on advertising, promotions and packaging may change again before legalization in 2018

We provide marketing services, solutions, development and planning for your business.

We work with all types of Canadian businesses in the cannabis industry and are located in Canada.

We believe that business development is more than just creating and deploying a business; it also encompasses knowing the marketplace and being able to provide responsible advertising that fits within the outlines of the Cannabis Act Bill, C-45.

We assist companies in understanding regulation and how to comply in order to move forward in the Canadian cannabis landscape. Our simplified approach to meet proposed requirements is customized business strategies for you.

Who we work with:

  • Ancillary businesses
  • Licensed Producers ( MMAR & MMPR & ACMPR)
  • Clinics
  • Dispensaries in proposed provincial duality
  • POS systems
  • Marketing agencies

What we do:

Plan and design marketing strategies that work within the proposed framework of The Cannabis Act. In broad sense, digital marketing  is key component to industries success.

Email, social media, mobile campaigns and other digital strategies  we’ll customize to meet your business needs.

Talk to us about using compliant promotional campaigns for recreational cannabis when it becomes legalized in October 2018!

We work with all stages of business creation, as our expertise brings practical solutions that save time and money.

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