Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery Services 

Lock screen notifications.  Special event invitations.  Discounts, loyalty & rewards programs.  Make your dispensary or delivery service stand out in the growing crowd. 




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Sending lock screen notifications is 15x more effective than email.  Think about that for a moment. 


Cannabis dispensary marketing via mobile wallet passes include:


  • Inventory managementlet customers know what’s available and at what price. ¬†Push weekly or monthly specials, update customers when that special strain arrives in store
  • Specials, deals, promotions – use lock screen notifications along with geofencing (using the phones location features) and iBeacons (in store or event transmitters) to present customers with the right message at the right time
  • New product arrivals – cannabis dispensary marketing should include notifications of new products, limited time offers, specials and deals (did we mention that 62% of customers will use a localized coupon delivered to their phone within minutes?)
  • Events promotion – is your cannabis dispensary participating in Hempfest, Cannabis Cup or some other location specific event? ¬†Let customers know in advance, remind them when they arrive, and offer them something special when they’re nearby your booth

Mobile wallet marketing is simple to set up, and easy to manage.  

Passes are updated in real time with lock screen notifications, geofencing, iBeacons, and time relevant push notifications. ¬† Every iPhone owner already has Apple Wallet installed, it’s part of the iOS operating system. ¬†Android users can select from a number of compatible wallet apps at the Google Play Store.¬†

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Have a look at our mainstream partner – MobileWalletMarketer.

How Does Mobile Wallet Marketing Work?

In a nutshell, mobile wallet marketing enables you to connect with your customers and prospects, using their mobile phone.   You can:

  • Send messages via push notification – “We have a great deal on¬†Product M today! ¬†Check it out!”
  • Send messages via geofencing or iBeacons – “Hey, stop in and check out this great deal” or “We’re in booth 763 here at¬†Hempfest”
  • Keep current or prospective customers up to date¬†with your marketing or educational efforts – “Check out the new Tommy Chong podcast update”
  • Issue tickets to events and remind attendees to show up – “Don’t forget that we’re having a Customer Appreciation Event on Friday evening at 7 pm”
  • Give users coupons, discounts, or other members only deals – “Bring this pass in to receive a 20% discount on elixirs this week”

Messages are sent to the lock screen of the users iPhone (via the Wallet app) or Android (via a third party wallet app), and both sides can be viewed without unlocking the phone.  Pass links cannot be tapped unless the user opens the Wallet app.  

Three Different Types of Passes Available