UPDATE: Just as the iOS on your iPhone updates every so often, so does a mobile channel design. To build a mobile channel that’s customized is not one size fits all yet is flexible enough to work with your current marketing efforts. 


As technology digs further into our daily lives, mobile is now taken over as the go to device that makes it essential that your product or service – your brand message can have the possibility to be seen over 80 times day. As people glance at thei devices it least that many times a day. It makes sense for any cannabis business to think about a mobile marketing strategy, as your competitors are already doing.

Provide strong brand awareness with a Cannabis Wallet pass to engage with your loyal followers with some basic mobile marketing strategies in place. Drive them to the content you want them to see all from a mobile channel.

A mobile channel is completely customizable as we assist our clients, as dispensaries, delivery services, retail services, edibles or hemp products in getting the most out of their marketing campaign. Action items are clickable links all your omni channel.

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Here are 3 design elements of a cannabis wallet marketing campaign

1- A mobile channel uses links to capture their users to tell them where to go. These links are URLs that go to more product or service information, shopping cart, blog, video or podcast.

Here’s the back of my cannabiz card:


All these link are what businesses want their clients to know about. The CTA can be listen links to podcast episode, blogs and webpage,  – all the links engage users and points them where to go directly on the device.

2- Call-To-Action – Have your users get in touch with you through various methods.


Here all the call and email action links that listeners can get in touch with just a tap or two – using their preferred method.

3- Never lose a follow again, keep building follows and likes with direct links to social media pages,  – even launch the app right from the mobile wallet pass.

cannabizcard-back-of-pass-1  2

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Actionable links on a mobile channel will drive traffic to wherethe user to be. These  marketing campaigns can provide offers, educate and engage users.

A clear thought out strategy drives traffic to content while looking sleek doing it right inside your phone with a mobile channel. Start marketing your cannabis business where people are looking right to their device to stay ahead of competitors.