Hazel’s interview with TG Branfalt from the Ganjapreneur podcast went live this week – 

Yep, that’s right!  On the interview, the two of them discuss a lot of cannabis industry marketing topics, and some in great detail.  

First, let’s get the link into this article so you can head over to the Ganjapreneur site and check out the podcast for yourself – 


HAZEL interview on Ganjapreneur podcast is here


Among the topics at hand, Hazel describes how the Vancouver 420 event took shape and how well it worked  out.  We also have a podcast that goes into more detail on how that worked, and it’s available below – 

[LISTEN: Using iBeacons Successfully at Vancouver’s 420 Event – PODCAST]

Another one of the topics that was covered in the interview was the NCIA Oakland show that was held earlier in the year, in June.  If you follow the blog, you’ll know that we attended the show, and had a great time.  With approximately 5,000 attendees, there was something for everyone, and if you couldn’t find someone to talk to, it was surely your own fault.  

Personally, I still think that IndoExpo Portland was the best show we’ve been to so far (18 months in the industry), although we did meet an interesting cast of characters in Oakland that we hadn’t run into previously, and it was well worth the time and expense to attend the show. 

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One of the other topics that TG and Hazel discuss is Canada – which is really big in a lot of people’s minds right now.  Not only is Canada attempting to legalize adult rec use across the entire country by July of next year, they’re expanding the LP roster (it has recently become 54 instead of the old 39 figure) and it appears that perhaps they are backing off the province and locally licensed storefronts, at least for the time being.  

There are a ton of American companies that are investing in Canadian cannabis, and there are also a decent number of Canadian companies who appear to buying, or at least buying into, any number of US based cannabis concerns.  

So head on over to the Ganjapreneur page and tune in to hear the interview that TG did with Hazel!