Last weekend, I took a road trip down to Portland to check out the business to business cannabis trade show, IndoExpo.

As legal cannabis grows, so does the marketplace.


IndoExpo is a great place to see what’s new in the cannabis industry. Lots of cutting edge grow equipment, and new growing nutrients, along with lots of cannabis lovers under one roof.

“…we wanted to put a positive, professional spin on this industry.”

IndoExpo Organizer, Chris Olson

Well they sure did! Although it took me a while to get there (which is on me as I was running on 3 hours sleep) I found it to be a great networking opportunity for the aspiring cannabis-industry entrepreneurs.

The sizable expo hall was packed with growers learning new techniques, and the seminars were full. Many seminars offered products and edibles to learn the best practices in cannabis marketing.

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I was there with our friends from

The booth was filled with fun by Radical Russ, host of The Russ Belville Show. It’s a popular show on the podcast network, as Russ interviewed many sponsors and advocates that stopped by.

The cannabis business is underway; now is the time to be part of the development of the legal cannabis industry before big investments and bigger business move in and start to take control.

Transparency of the plant is a pursuit that many in the industry want to see happen as value based propositions grow within it. Click To Tweet

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Here’s a quick peek at my Digital Cannabiz Card that used at IndoExpo:

 Hazel $7 Digital Cannabiz Card

*If you’re on mobile, tap the card to check it out on your phone, otherwise open your Apple Wallet (iPhone users) and Scan to add the pass to your mobile  


IndoExpo was a great way to meet a lot of people in a short time.

In two days, I passed my Digital Cannabiz Card around to plenty of cannabis enthusiasts and business owners, and we have already sent them a lock screen notification alerting them that they can listen to our latest podcast episode with one tap from the back of the card.  

Now if everyone had a business card that they could have given to me that would be even better, but it’s amazing how few people in the industry carry business cards.

We’re heading to Seattle next week for Hempfest

If you’re the owner or marketing director of a legal cannabis business, and you are going to be in the neighborhood as well, we’d love to schedule some time to meet with you.  You can contact us through the site or you can add my Digital Cannabiz Card to your Apple Wallet or Android wallet app, and we can connect directly from the back.  

We’re always interested in hearing the ways you’re finding to market your business while staying in compliance; we also like to hear your ‘wish list’ for tools that you don’t have or can’t get to work properly. 

As you know, we believe in the power of mobile and the power of green.  Especially when they pair well together.