Our title images give it away – in case you missed it, we were at MJBizCon, not just as attendees but we had a booth- for 3 long days!

Have you ever noticed that its difficult to sleep in casino hotel in Las Vegas?

For me, I find that I’m just on the cusp of sleep but not really, until the morning when its almost time to wake up but you drift off – finally.

That’s how I felt last week when in Las Vegas for the largest cannabis conference the year, MJBizCon.

A three day conference that was busy each and every day. Working shows before, I know that its important to treat attendees on the third day of the show – as if its the first. – you may never know who meet – and for me it worked!

So far – my early follow ups have come from people I spoke with on the last day of the show. Albeit, Thanksgiving has effected the sales flow, nonetheless Black Friday is a boom because of exhibiting last week.

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The words to describe the show is crazy busy, it really was packed with 18,000 attendees as the stream of people from day to day passing our booth.

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Our big winner!


Hope Marion Instagram her at @HopeMarian_

We were fortunate enough to share booth space our dear friend Jeff he has a great set up for dispensaries to do any text marketing.

I spent more time at the booth and took less time at meetings due to a substitute staff member with stage fright- I suppose more public speaking is needed. although the show itself lacked a mobile strategy. I didn’t stop that from using my digital business card to inform potential clients of my whereabouts.


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Here’s a my digital business card:

Want my digital business card on your phone, just tap this link:  https://d.mbwl.co/wiuiuj6DA



Hazel $7 Digital Cannabiz Card




I’m able to inform clients that are attendees at MJBizCon which booth I’m at – it was 323, by the way.

I sent out a mobile notification on the lock screen stating to meet me at booth 323. A mobile strategy effectively helps engagement and traffic flow, so I saw more foot traffic at my booth which flowed into a stream of people, right before my eyes.

It was one of more successful cannabis trade shows that we’ve attended in the last couple of years. 

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