Product Card Trends – we take a further look into ways they are used.

In a recent article introducing product cards, we go through ways to use a product card that’s compliant for the legal cannabis market.

[PART 1 – How Product Cards triggered for maximum effect]

To tell the product’s story to include coverage that informs and further educates to allow

in this continued series, we go through product card trends that takes your products and provides more detail through product card where the packaging leaves off.

These trends work with a marketing campaigns  that is vital for the success of the cannabis business. In order to be successful you have to have a plan tied together with goals and tactics to help you reach those goals.

We have pulled together the strategic marketing trends for the industry.

When using a product card right onto a device allows for seamless customer experience, which ideal for brand awareness that informs and educates.

This makes it ideal for cannabis retailers to offer their brands a direct link to their followers.  Mobile makes it easy to reach them as people look at their device, especially their lock screen over 50 times day – just out of habit, so now imagine what an incentive a product card can be when using marketing strategies.

Another product card trend that just about all retail uses, is to proximity marketing and geo-fence triggers to connect in real time.

Consumers today want to build more of a connection with the brands they buy from tapping into mobile produces more realness that engages. We deliver a marketing strategy that does just that – direct to their device. Be sure to contact us to a mobile campaign working for you.