Trigger a product card for maximum effect. 

Everyday it feels like we wake up to new regulations and it can get difficult to stay on top of all the compliance changes.  Especially in states where it is already legalized with tons of licenses and regulations set – as in Colorado, California or Canada for that matter.

There’s an inside joke within the industry that those in compliance know all to well that

We eat regulations for breakfast!

That may very well be true.

A way to continue to get the product messaging out to clients without changing all the packaging that may get thrown away due to changes in regulations, again, is to be sure its seen on a mobile device with a customized product card. 


Beyond the nutritional facts label – which is a requirement for packaged food in many countries and especially true with the second year of legalization in Canada as regulations for edibles to be processed.A product card continues to inform immediately from just the packaging alone. It takes the consumer experience to another level by providing product knowledge such as nutritional facts, serving size, education and ways to get in touch with your company’s customer support. 


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To tell the product’s story to include coverage that informs and further educates is key for an industry on the rise, one that takes health and wellness thoughtfully as regulations surface.

Take a look at our sample product pass, notice the logo area, product name and any other prominent messaging to include. 



A mobile channel provides a product card which shows all the product knowledge that clients and potential ones want to know.




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When and where do you add a product card onto a device?


The best time to display a product card is on the packaging itself or with small qr code or Url that is displayed next to shelf information in a storefront or part of the newsletters received through email, as adding the card to inform and educate now – creating triggers that brands will benefit from later on when messaging and updating the product card.


Think about how many clients that will see the latest product messaging updated on the lock screen.


We work within all marketing regulations and are compliant with all legal states and Licensed Producers to be sure that brand messaging strategy is on point.


Reach out to us to discuss ways we can provide products with a product card that goes beyond the label with detailed nutritional facts, ingredients and not to mention messaging that increases brand awareness.