The Senate passed the cannabis act 52-29 for recreational cannabis to be legal come October 17, 2018.

To wait on a Royal Assent is just a formality at this point, the House of Commons will pass the act when its back in session. 

How what about the amendments?

There’s still lots to do in the upcoming weeks as many amendments fell to the side as it went legal.

The amendments for certain cultivation will be left for the province to decide.

“One of the things that we heard very clearly from the provinces is that they need a certain amount of time to get their bricks and mortar stores — their online sales — ready. Producers need time to be able to actually prepare for a regimented and successful implementation of the regime … This is something that we want to get right,” Trudeau told reporters “…with each province has taken a different approach — and some are more prepared than others.”



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Where does that leaving complaint marketing amendments?


Despite Senators who were trying to stop the bill, under branded ”swag” such as T-shirts, hats and phone cases that display a company logo dismissed the amendment. 

Canada’s cannabis market laws are strict under C-45 – know that our platform is compliant and works with the restrictions.

What is still to happen before October?

The Senate is still discussing Bill C-46 adjustments to the Criminal Code of Canada which goes over offenses and giving to minors or drinking and driving codes.


What about advocates that faught prohibition for the last few decades feel about legalization?

@jodieemery makes no bones about it.

Advocates like her and husband Marc Emery are looking for records sponged and time served, probation end and she is “distressed” by Bill C-45.

C-45 introduces 45 new cannabis offences with maximums going up to 14 years, equating cannabis to pornography with children, terrorism, and assaulting police,” Jodie Emery interview CTV News Channel.

“There are so many, so many problems that I find it very hard to celebrate today being a criminal for cannabis alongside hundreds of thousands of others”

Emery’s upset that d Bill C-45 fails to explain what will happen to those who have already been convicted of cannabis-related crimes.

“The civil liberties advocates, the lawyers, the people who represent marginalized, Indigenous youth, the poor, all of the victims of prohibition, we aren’t celebrating today,” she said. “Where’s our apology? Where’s our amnesty? It’s nowhere to be found.”

Here’s what Bill Blair the governments point person states in regards to Emery’s opposed position:

“they’re currently focused on repealing and replacing the existing legislation before they can turn their attention to Canadians who already have criminal records for pot-related offences.” 


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Blair responded that it was “premature” to say when it came into question to pardon existing records.


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