Ways CBD Chefs Infuse Mobile Marketing

For us, being foodies, we love to get a chance to talk to chefs that are making a name for themselves as a CBD- infused chef are opening in the door to a new world of tastes and profiles to choose from.

The movement is snowballing due to Canada’s cannabis adult-use legalization and now that US has legalized Hemp and its derivatives such as CBD extract.

Those chefs that are passionate about it, are forging ahead with using it infused with their foods that are now taking it their CBD-infused dinners and creating themselves to be CBD Chef Experts.

Expert chefs use pop up events as a way to build up your foodie following, get your name out there using mobile, while working with the right partners that will get you known as  the expert takes up time, as its not just about cooking but promoting yourself.

Those passionate chefs find blasting up a devices to where they will be next appearing and when the next pop up event will be, choose mobile to do it.


Mobile is the Key to Unlock Restaurant Promotions



Mobile messages as reminders to kick off the next event direct to the lock screen. It makes it easy for chefs to do and leaves chefs more time to create their next menu with new CBD infused items.

As part of our service to you, we work with you to know what you want to promote and provide simple strategies that we’ve developed  that allows for your followers to know about their next pop up event and have them pay it forward by sharing it over social media – all with #mobilefirst marketing tactics.

Pop up events are temporary but for chefs and their team, it takes hardcore commitment to design and execute without a hitch. Using mobile technology provides event manager, a way to update followers with the next event, on the back of a customized pop up card that allows your followers access to know where you’ll be next, with an amazing menu that changes as quickly as your next course.


Mobile coupons, loyalty and rewards programs offer restaurants the chance to engage fully with clientele.


That’s how chefs are infusing mobile marketing as a sure fire way to promote themselves and even their sponsors or venues they’ll be appearing next with one tap away to find that venue.

Those shots taken of all your amazing dishes to your Instagram feed, that are #foodporn, makes it easy for those using a customized pop up event card, for your followers to be taken direct to your Instagram feed.

A customized pop up card, provides up to date details of your next event, with messaging the day of event so that everyone is on the same page, pushing out dishes that in one tap away from the lock screen notification – to be sure it will be seen by your followers.

These strategies is what we do to infuse pop up events, restaurants or expert chefs to take creative mobile risks with your brand, stepping outside towards mobile channels that work to get your CBD infused dishes out to your foodies.

Give us a call today, we’ll work with your promotions to take on a mobile approach that will leave you more time to cook.