I often speak to dispensaries, wellness centers and other cannabis retail outlets about how to stay active in their community. Many are active by sponsoring local events.

Usually on our podcasts and articles we discuss trade shows so today I will breakdown how dispensaries promote and sponsor local events using mobile updates using a Cannabis Wallet event pass.


We applied our mobile marketing strategies to cannabis retail outlets that sponsor and promote local events around their community. Active wellness centers in the community informed patients of their event using mobile updates to improve relations and impart a better user experience.



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Here’s what cannabis retail outlets gain when using mobile updates:


  • adopted more patients to use dispensary-branded pass.
  • to engage and communicate with patients on a mobile level.
  • better patient or attendee experience with mobile offers right on the lock screen.



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During the event, mobile updates remind attendees of the big day:

  • Mobile updates are reminders that notify attendees of the next event taking place, days, hours and minutes prior to it. Any offers, free demos or samples can all be promoted within a mobile channel. Along with attendees knowing about any seminars that need a course correction, can al bel seen on the lock screen used to manage traffic flow effectively.



Sponsors see value with mobile updates:

  • To propitiate sponsors is a value add for dispensaries. Each stall or table is a sponsored one. Attendees navigated through them with updates to endorse the sponsor creates better foot traffic.



Attendees or patients see value with mobile updates:

  • Attendees receive updates on the lock screen with notifications as reminders of the times, special messages and free samples. No excuse for attendees to miss any of the sponsors delights.



[WORKSHEET DOWNLOAD: Mobile Wallet Marketing Event and Promotions Planner ]



Dispense event passes with the POS System – using employees:

  • Just like asking for a patients email address, use employees to spread the word by adding the event pass to patients mobile phone. Signage displayed by the POS system allow patients to scan the QR code to add the event pass. From that point forward, engagement continues to the phone.


Bonus strategy: Send an email to patients about the sponsored local event asking them to add the event pass into their phone with just one click with a customized URL. 


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Once the event is over, retail outlets and wellness centers continue to engage with their patients:

  • After the event, send a bonus mobile offer to give patients a reason to come back to the dispensary. Reinvent the event pass by customizing it for the next one. Make your sponsors and attendees happy as 9 out of 10 attendees keep the pass on their phone, send reminders to attendees about the next event.



Active storefronts use these mobile marketing strategies to gain a better user experience. Mobile updates work to engage and communicate easily with patients or attendees thinking mobile first. Talk to us about your branded mobile channel that creates event passes to start working on a higher level, leaving competitors in the dust.