Wellness Centers and Clinics adopt a holistic approach towards mobile messaging.

When working with a few wellness centers and clinics in California and British Columbia, they were all designed with a holistic approach of body, spirit and mind.

We can translate those fundamentals into mobile channel to be on point with the same message as in your own centre or clinic.

Within your four walls, the entrance way, there’s post cards and posters displayed throughout it, waiting for clients to them up.

A mobile strategy takes these post card and posters and adopts them onto your mobile channel and takes it step further by engaging direct to your clients.  The same way wellness program teaches the fundamentals of body spirit and mind – with a mobile strategy in place the fundamentals are to engage by identify, plan and target to your clients.


CBD Brand Ambassadors & Influencers Choose the Power of Mobile For those A-HA Moments. It takes time to build and shape a marketing strategy.


We first identify what current market efforts are in place within the center and clinics. If you don’t have anything, we’ll take what your focus on, for instance  personal health and wellness strengths and needs and promote it through the mobile channel.

As part of mobile strategy we take current courses, course materials and checklists and provide a place for it to be located and downloaded at ay time, all in one place, a mini-hub, if you will.

Take a look through our Instagram feed at @cannabis_wallet to see how we use our branded mobile channel does this. We find ways to social shares, event reminders and listen link to our podcast, the possibilities are endless as there’s various strategies to move the wellness agenda forward that’s clients can alerted too with notifications.


A consumer’s experience is one that uses mobile to optimize the shopper’s journey.


Promote educational, nutritional & yoga classes and acupuncture treatments with a mobile channel. We provide all our wellness centers, dispensaries and clinics with an account strategist to get identify what campaign to run through it.

Devices nowadays are personal assistants that get through the day. For wellness centers and clinics to set themselves apart from the others is to use mobile technology to their advantage by engaging with their clients with accountability reminders to improve their health and  they are seeing successful results using messages that notify on the lock screen. It is a prime location as the average mobile user looks at their lock screen around 80 times per day.

If you are still not sure how your establishment can work with a mobile strategy, get in contact with us and we’ll talk you through it and assess your needs. As we want you to succeed so your clients will.