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Meet CannabisWallet, the best way to manage your mobile marketing and advertising. 

Talk to your legal cannabis business customers using their iPhone and Android Рwithout building an app.  


Why you should be using mobile

Offer mobile customer service to help good customers become great customers and grow your business.  


  • Do you have lots of customers but they don’t come in regularly to buy? ¬†

  • Have you been building your delivery business but you aren’t seeing the number of repeat callers that you think you should have? ¬†

  • Are your per ticket sales flat and lifeless – customers buy one (maybe two) things but that’s it when they visit?


Get your business is on track and start generating more sales, more profits, and building a solid customer base.


Legal cannabiz companies face many more challenges that their mainstream counterparts do not. 

It’s not enough that you have to struggle to find a bank that will take you or that you’re constantly worried about changes in the law and how that will impact your business, you’ve also got to figure out what the best marketing approach is in order to solidify your customer base before the big corporations jump in with their giant marketing budgets and army of employees to do their bidding.¬†


Mobile benefits you in a variety of ways.


Keep in touch with customers even when the store is closed РCannabisWallet enables any time, anywhere messaging.  

Spread your message and encourage customers to refer you to their friends, co-workers, family and neighbors. 

Passes use a combination of push notifications to the lock screen* (front and center on the phone, it gets noticed!), along with¬†geofencing and iBeacons – these are the notifications that pop up when the users phone is in range of your store, event or maybe even your competitors store ¬†ūüėČ ¬†¬†

Keep your advertising compliant using mobile campaigns.  Nothing else offers you the flexibility to include required information, collect birthdates prior to adding to phone, or maintaining rules about display advertising in certain locations. 

Every single iPhone user¬†already has Apple Wallet!¬†¬†And they can’t delete it, either.¬†¬†That’s HUGE! ¬†Android users have a number of wallets they can choose to install.¬†

How Do Mobile Campaigns Work?

In a nutshell, mobile campaigns enable you to connect with your customers and prospects, using their mobile phone.

This is managed directly in their Apple Wallet or Android wallet app. ¬† Try tapping the links below if you’re using a mobile phone –¬†

You can:

Messages are sent to the users lock screen and they can see both the front and back of the pass without unlocking the phone Рincreasing your conversions from message to sales! 

These are the 3 Types of Passes РBasic, Event Tickets, Coupons

Looking for more info?

Information about banking and merchant processing services is available at

Check out the Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy podcast, available on iTunes, Stitcher and at the DominoResearch website.

Want to know more about the technology that powers the Wallet passes?  Read all about it at

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