There is a lot to consider with all aspects of a legal medical marijuana delivery operation.

Technology has made transportation and compliance of medical marijuana to qualified patients from licensed dispensaries easier to manage.

Most patients expect their delivery experience of medical marijuana to be a safe and reliable one. Mobile phones make it simple to promote your delivery service and build relationships with patients using Apple Wallet technology for mobile updates.


“…we understand how technology can help cities manage medical marijuana deliveries safely, support chronically ill patients without access to transportation, and effectively reduce illegal marijuana activity.” Keith McCarty, CEO of Eaze App



Cannabis Wallet uses mobile wallet passes that sit in Apple Wallet and other third party mobile wallets for Android phones. These branded passes use the same technology that apps do on an iPhone. Your pass sits in the mobile wallet app effectively builds up relationships with you patients using mobile updates.

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A mobile wallet marketing strategy creates a bond with your patients with updates that can be seen right on the lock screen. Mobile updates on Wallet passes can be updated, changed, or completely redesigned to fit the next offers, reminders or specific needs that a delivery service might have.


Here are 5 ways to build your delivery business using mobile updates:


  1. Reminders to order more MMJ is one tap away. If patients want to renew with you earlier in the week, they simply go to your pass and tap to call or email you directly. Also, they can choose to tap the link to fill in the prescription with a link that directly on the back of the pass.
  2. Notify patients of any special offers. Offers that they can get to with one tap from the back of  your branded pass.
  3. You should ask every patient you come across during your day to add your Wallet pass to their phone, giving them the ability to pass your pass along simply by scanning the QR code, or entering the short URL in a browser.
  4. The latest strains, concentrates or edibles – patients are interested in knowing whats available for delivery. Inform them of any new product that you can deliver to them right on the lock screen of their phone.
  5. A local event that both a dispensary and delivery services sponsor – now has further reach. Make your sponsorship opportunity count by informing your patient base through a mobile update


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It is time to start marketing your delivery business effectively before all the big corporate money comes in and steals your business. Cannabis Wallet passes give your patients a reason to come back to you, instead of going to your competitors. Patients will see mobile updates right on their lock screen.



Mobile updates on passes are THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE WAY to get your message out to your patients.