The Basic Cannabis Pass

Basic Cannabis Wallet Mobile Marketing Pass for Legal Cannabis Businesses
pass on mobile phone     Try this pass on your own phone – 


  1.  If you’re reading this on mobile, tap the phone to install to Apple Wallet or compatible Android wallet.  
  2.  Open a browser on mobile and navigate to this URL –

This product is for – 

cannabis dispensary  cannabis delivery services      Dispensary & delivery services

cannabis advocacy groups             Advocacy groups

cannabis product manufacturers             Product manufacturers


The Basic Cannabis Wallet Pass:

#1 – Enables unique and personalized engagement with customers, membership groups and prospective customers

#2 – Makes it easy to use location or time based offers to connect with people


geolocation and ibeacons     Use locations to trigger messaging.  This is great for events as well as regular marketing – make sure people know where you are and how to find you.  

make more money with cannabis wallet      Trigger a lock screen notification.  Send out your updates on a regular scheduled or whenever you want or need to send.  The system is flexible and you can do either. 

send messages direct to mobile phone     They almost never get deleted.  That’s right, roughly 90% of them stay right there, in the phone, in the wallet.  Forever.