Happy Legalization Canada!


Whats happened in the first few days of cannabis legalization in Canada?

The first day of national legalization started in Newfoundland – the Easternmost portion of the country, and  the very first sale of dried flower will not be smoked; instead it will be preserved and admired on a shelf.

In Toronto – OCS, the only legal way to purchase cannabis in Ontario, processed more than 38,000 purchases in the first half of the day of legalization with 100,000 orders in the first 24 hours.

Meanwhile, on the West coast, many dispensaries within Vancouver were closed and the province only has one location open in Kamloops that saw 800 customers through the doors on the first day. The BC online store saw more than 9100 orders first 24 hours.

Canadian Tidbit, Eh? – The legalization date of October 17 also marks a year since the passing of The Tragically Hip’s frontman, Gord Downie, from glioblastoma.  Band members are investors in Up Cannabis, a Licensed Producer from Kingston, Ontario.

Prior convictions at some levels going away?

The federal government is looking to potentially pardon cannabis convictions for those with minor marijuana offenses which may not be enough for leading advocates like Jodie Emery, who took to Twitter to express her opinion on the topic – 

“Canadians who are burdened with a conviction for something that is now perfectly legal deserve to have their records fully EXPUNGED. Why keep lists?”


“Cannabis legalization a bittersweet landmark for grey market pioneers”


“The end of ‘prohibition’ is seen as a win for big business, law enforcement and Justin Trudeau and a slap in the face to those who pioneered legalization”


Here’s some ins and outs about cannabis that we all should know:

1 – Its still federally illegal to cross the border with cannabis.

2 – Youth possessors face heavy fines and imprisonment.

3 – Edibles, vapes, and topicals are still not illegal.

First responses to law breakers — 

In Alberta, a $654 ticket given for smoking marijuana in a car.

The provincial governments are making good on their promise to close illegal storefronts with two stores closed already on Vancouver Island.

Toronto’s drug squad raided five illegal dispensaries Friday and charged eight people under the new provincial legislation.

The days of baggies are over, and Canada is not eco-friendly with its compliance packaging. 

Health Canada has certain guidelines for packaging that came out months before October’s legalization so LPs could prepare for it. 

  • Packaging must be child resistant, tamper proof and prevent contamination which means plastic.
  • CBC measured 70 grams in a container alone.

Cannabis stocks on the rise since August and deeply inclined leading up to the first few days before legalization which saw a major decline of 200 points on Monday, some say its based on the demand and short supply.

True or False: is Canada already out of cannabis?

No available figures. Canopy Growth promised a supply of 70,000 kgs in first year in Canada.  There’s already a demand but it seems to be more of a bottleneck in getting product to consumers than an actual shortage.

The Federal Government are blitzing the airwaves with MADD Tweed and Uber sponsoring campaigns to “not get high and drive”.

Each household received a postcard from The Federal Government with what we should know about The Cannabis Act and have educational ad campaigns on both radio and TV.


More updates as things settle in and we get a better sense of how it’s going –