Last week, the Canadian Senate gave approval, in principle, to the federal government’s Bill C-45 to legalize recreational marijuana but with it came some tension as the voted to pass a second reading by 44-29.


A second reading will happen in early June with a final debate and vote. This coming hour after PM Trudeau warned senators that they were voted into power as part of the platform on the promise of legalized recreational cannabis.

There are still several committees to discuss legalization as Senator Yuen Pau Woo commented:

“I fully expect that senators from different sides will discuss amendments and that these will be considered seriously by the various committees,”


Right now we can all breathe a bit of relief.


Meanwhile, the House has put together a summary of comments that was received during the public consultation. Which was made up with survey’s and roundtable across major cities on the proposed approach to regulate cannabis.


Here’s the complete summary:

Summary Comments on Public Consultation Regulations of Cannabis


Inside the summary contains what was discussed and the results from it regarding warnings, labels, tracking and other issues.

As many clients come to us to discuss the way to marketing themselves, we’ll go over the packaging and labelling requirements that will be set forth:

-standardized cannabis symbol

-mandatory health warning messages

-requirements with THC/CBD content

-brand elements – brand name and logo display only

-no images or graphics

-strict use of approved colors

-strict use of packaging, no coating, glossy, embossing, texture allowed

Where does that leave it?


Below are a couple of approved examples:





For now we must wait until June 7th for the Senate’s second reading, committees to be concluded by then, voted on late in the summer of 2018. Legalization date is still a mystery.