Cannabis Retailers Optimize the Shopper’s Journey


Its less than year that cannabis legalization has hit Canada head on.

As provinces loosen the strings on the industry, especially in retail, there’s opportunity to design an experience that consumer’s are wanting as soon as they walking through the door.

All without the stigma and work within the strict regulations, it takes smart cannabis retailers to know that its takes connection past the initial purchase, through their shopper’s journey to get them to return. 


[Podcast 83: Compel shoppers to become buyers]


A #mobilefirst connection is developed to build your audience and provide member loyalty, created by these top three methods to create a shopper’s journey and make it a mobile one. The three strategies that are used to set up a journey are to identify, plan and shop. 




As dispensaries are coming around and are now identifying within their own community to create a space that consumer centric; providing stigma-free friendly atmosphere cannabis retailers is an experience, to onboard a path to the shopper’s journey.

Mobile technology guides the shopper’s journey for a consumer experience that increases communication, offers experience that impacts the purchase decision.  A white label mobile channel engages these methods.

When optimizing the shopper’s journey, mobile delivers by offering in-store data points to discover more about product knowledge, educational sessions, including event reminders. 

A consumer’s experience is one that uses mobile to optimize the shopper’s journey.




Identifying the shopper and triggering their mobile path, provides  more value along their journey.

Provide a variety of ways, a mobile experience is one that when they walk out of the cannabis retailer, they experience continues past the exit doors.

The shopper’s journey is now on their mobile device providing a direct communication to the latest product knowledge, reviews, local events, or educational series that they may be interested in.  #Mobilefirst campaigns integrates in with any retailer experience that includes a mobile component.

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A developed shopper’s path is planning what information to push out to the consumer during their shopping experience in as many ways as possible. A mobile channel creates potential customers to test out in store products that are being promoted with an offer pushed through the mobile channel that leads the journey to the buying decision.

Extend the shopper’s journey past the point of sale. The consumer at the stage being engaged and informed through storytelling. After all, this is your target audience that’s made an initial purchase bring them back again by developing a relationship where loyalty is gained, influence is gained and brand awareness is now bonded with the consumer.


Mobile technologies are in demand with today’s consumer experience. The shopper’s journey is one modern one that integrates and is seamless, to keep it optimized takes identify plan  and shopping.



As Canada’s newest industry takes off, eh, cannabis retailers optimize the latest in mobile technologies to gain a #mobilefirst charged shopper’s journey that today consumer’s expect out of the gate.