3 Ways to Make Sure Your Wallet Offer is Addressing Your Target

It’s super simple to create a wallet offer, pretty much anyone can do it.  After all, it’s just a couple of images, a little bit of text, and a few links.  That’s right.  But the same thing also applies to creating a magazine ad, an email campaign, or setting up a web page.  

That doesn't mean that every offer is the right offer to show customers. Click To Tweet

While that does cover the mechanics of building a wallet offer, it certainly doesn’t come close to giving you the idea of what’s going to work the best, and what’s not going to cause anyone to jump up and put a copy of your wallet offer in their Apple Wallet or Android phone.

We’ve looked at a lot of offers over the past two years (we have the luxury of leveraging our mainstrream platform stats), and there are a few things that we see time and time again – the kind of thing that makes a HUGE difference on whether or not someone wants your wallet offer in their wallet.   

#1 – Incentive for adding the pass to Apple Wallet or Android phone

No matter how fantastic your product is, people are very much used to be cajoled, bribed, and even coerced, in order to get a reward.  And no matter how fantastic we think mobile wallet coupons or event tickets might be, this is not a movie, Kevin Costner doesn’t have a stake in the game, and if you build it, they probably won’t install it, unless you convince them that they want to do that. 

Start with instant gratification.  Offer something of perceived value –

  • discount
  • freebie
  • special status (come in with the pass and don’t wait in line)

#2 Tell them to install the wallet offer into their Apple Wallet or Android phone

I know, it sounds so simple it’s almost silly.  Almost.  The bottom line is that you MUST tell people what they need to do, how they need to do it, and what happens when they do it.

Apple Wallet, or any Android wallet version (of which there are several), are able to store a variety of things, including the users credit cards.  So it’s understandable that people aren’t sure about letting you access that part of their mobile phone.  

Wallet offers don’t actually touch the part of the wallet that stores credit cards, and the card data is so well encrypted and tokenized, but it’s still a scary thing if you tap a link and your Wallet app opens up with no warning.  

It's pretty much imperative that you very clearly and very prominently disclose the install process to a potential user. Click To Tweet

We prefer to use phrases like:

“Tap Here to Install into Your Apple Wallet”


“Open Apple Wallet and Scan the QR Code”

And we like to use images – pictures of the wallet offer in the iPhone or Android, that clearly show the user that tapping this link or scanning the QR code means that something is going to happen with the phone and the wallet app. 

#3 – Prominently display the wallet offer opportunity with both install options

If you have a dispensary, then we’re talking about signage.  

At the counter, on the wallet, in the print ads (remember that there are tap to install and QR code scan to install, so print is fine for this), at your booth when you’re at trade events like Cannabis Cup or Hempcon.  Social media, blog, SEO, mailers, etc – whatever you’re doing, that’s a place to include BOTH the link and the QR code.  

I am asked quite frequently, “why include the link in a piece of print material?”, and my answer is super simple…  someone may not quite grasp how to use the QR code scanner in their Apple Wallet, or they might not have one installed on Android yet.  

But everyone knows how to type a URL into a browser window on a phone, tablet or desktop. Click To Tweet

This is about the time I see the AH-HA moment occur, and the person I’m speaking with gets my point.  Yep, grandma might not be too aware of QR codes, but she can certainly type in a short URL into her Safari browser on her iPhone 6+…  

…we try our best to provide you with short URLs, but it’s also possible to run the download link through your own version of Bitly or similar and shorten it even further (in case you were wondering), especially if it’s going to make a good looking link that’s easy for someone to type into the browser. 

These suggestions aren’t meant to be the only advice for creating a great offer, but they should give you the idea of how to best get customers to put your wallet offer into their Apple Wallet or Android phone, and the reasoning behind these methods.  

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