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You’re probably wondering what happens next…  right?  

We’ll get in touch with you by email within one business day – and schedule a time that works for you and for us (that’s why we asked you to pick your best available time), and we’ll walk you through the pass elements and tell you what sort of things you can do with each type of pass. 

Passes are very simple, a couple of graphics, and some text, but they are VERY powerful – there’s nothing like it when it comes to retention and engagement potential!

Check out the sample pass here on this page to understand where the elements will go and to see how they are laid out.   Apple tightly controls the appearance in iPhone, and our third party app vendor matches the Android version to keep things consistent for users. 

The front of each pass normally requires a few things:

  1. Your logo, sized to a ratio of 3:1 – this will be in the top left corner of your pass
  2. An icon, sized to a ratio of 1:1 – this will appear on the lock screen of a mobile phone when you have a geofencing, iBeacon or push notification update to installed pass holders
  3. Three color selections – background, main text, and label text
  4. One graphic – this can be a square or a horizontal orientation, or you can skip the graphic and just go with a colored background instead

We’re happy to make suggestions and give you feedback on what will be the best ways to promote your business using passes.  We’ve got a LOT of experience with them, and we’ve seen them on nearly every variety of phone. 

Front of the Mobile Wallet Marketing Pass
Back of the Mobile Wallet Marketing Pass

The back of the pass is where the magic happens, and you can include items like:


  • Links to your website or other URLs
  • Links to your podcast (iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, TuneIn, etc), YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or other videos
  • Contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, physical location addresses – each of these becomes a Call to Action link on the back of the pass, so users can dial you directly, send you an email or launch a map to your location
  • Links to your social media pages – if the pass holders have social apps installed such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc installed on their mobile phones, your pages will launch the apps directly from the back of the pass


After your pass layouts are finalized, normally we send over a first draft for revision or approval within one business day.  

Once you approve the revisions, we’ll provide you with the QR code and URL for download links and a handy graphic with the front of the pass encased in a mobile phone for use in your campaigns and collateral.  

If you need immediate assistance during normal business hours (8-6, M-F, MST) please give us a call – 925 400 8077 or drop us an email – helpme AT