Cannabis marketing and CBD branding is not one size fits all.

No matter what service or product engaging in the right messaging is critical to mobile marketing strategy. 

A customized mobile channel  brings with it brand awareness to your CBD brand. There are a few fundamentals of a well designed customized mobile channel that includes a product or service card.


A mobile experience starts with these 3 key tips when designing your mobile marketing campaign.


1 – The front of product card uses clean and simple graphics. The branded service or product being promoted is displayed onto the front of a pass. Increase brand awareness in a mobile experience. 





This product card is used as a digital business card providing the same information paper business cards do, displayed with the company name, a profile photo and simple text. 


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2 – Headline Text – tell your targeted audience exactly what you are all about. This channel displays the latest podcast episode. A mobile message is seen right on the lock screen.



Here’s what a recent mobile update appears from the notification tray of an Android phone. 




3 – Share the product card

Sharing the product card is simple.  The back of the product card shows a  “Share Pass” link on the back, you tap it and sharing options pop up.  

Typing the short URL into any browser on mobile is the other quick way to give a friend a product card. 

You can also use the QR code to share the pass. Scan the QR code to pass the card from device to device. We provide unlimited distribution, right on the front of the card below graphics.




Go ahead add the digital business card to Apple Wallet. 





These elements are key to designing a sleek looking mobile marketing campaign. Strategy of a product card we leave to the backside of it. 


Make enticing mobile offers on your campaigns to drive higher engagement to patients or clients while providing a better mobile experience. 


A mini-hub displays all messaging and CTAs, that are branded to your service and product that’s all in one place, all on one mobile channel.


Talk to us about starting a mobile campaign that works with in cannabis retail and events. We design campaigns that provide a presence on any mobile device.