Facebook Shuts down Cannabis Pages – What to do Next?

On July 4th, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook went to Alaska. Next thing that happened, is Facebook took down pages of cannabis businesses operating legally in Alaska that were promoting themselves on Facebook.

Its no surprise that these profiles were taken down as its against Facebook policy to do what they were doing – advertising on Facebook.

It make me wonder:

Why did it take the Founder of Facebook to discover these pages?

Did any Facebook monitors or quality assurance employees fail at the job?

We’ll never know.

What we do know is that there is a crackdown on cannabis business operating legally in their state and taking advertising away from dispensaries and wellness centers – as its one of the biggest ways for getting the word out of their business.

“That’s what kills me,” said Cary Carrigan, executive director of the Alaska Marijuana Industry Association. “Zuckerberg shows up and Facebook pages are down.”

Now, if these Alaskan dispensaries planned for a better marketing strategy, using a dispensary mobile pass from Cannabis Wallet, they would still have their client base and be able to promote themselves.

Time and effort put into all those follows and likes from the Facebook page just disappeared.

Alaskan dispensaries with a solid marketing strategy would still be able to promote themselves to their core clients -instead of just thinking about today’s payday.

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Now for those Alaskan dispensaries who were effected by their pages being unpublished it’s not too late to start again. Look to mobile to continue your marketing. 

Create a Marijuana Dispensary Marketing Plan thats right for you.

Take an accurate assessment of what advertising is allowed with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google.Their policies are clearly marked and these sources are looking for an educational and informative based posts then just a typical ad promotion. So do that just that –  promote a healthy lifestyle using cannabis rather than just pushing promotions. 


Now with that said, come on over to us, we’ll show you ways to integrate the best of mobile marketing to your client base where you won’t have to worry about a Founder closing your pages down.