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Now’s the time to make a move with compliant cannabis marketing for your brand with no fears of being shut down or having your ads declined.

We’ve all seen it – your Facebook group doesn’t get the views it used to, or worse – it’s been shut down entirely.  Google won’t approve your ads, and you’re struggling to find a way to build your brand in a market that is getting more crowded every day. 


It’s time to mobilize!

If you haven’t tried mobile advertising yet, shame on you!  Mobile is the only platform that offers you the control of your message coupled with the ability to brand and market directly to your client base via their lock screen.  

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When you subscribe to the ad platform anytime between now and the end of the month, you’ll receive 20% off and be able to engage and market to your clients via mobile with a customized mobile wallet advertising campaign that provides location or time based offers.

compliant cannabis marketing and advertising


• Dispensaries and cannabis-related brands can engage using coupons, loyalty cards or other mobile advertising campaign collateral. 

• Feature your dispensary marketing, CBD products, vapes, edibles, etc and trigger ads that will engage customers on the lock screen of their mobile devices.  

• Mobile is the key to effective advertising, and your compliant cannabis marketing campaigns will get great results when they are delivered directly to the lock screen of customers, referrals, new patients and other prospective customers!

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