Cannabis marketing strategies work best when using multiple channels to get your brand message out and engage further with your client base.

Marketers, agencies and consultants within the industry are now turning to mobile strategies that to reach, engage and strengthen relationships with their client base. Those who work in the retail, dispensary, clinics and wellness spaces – in the frontlines and those cannabis brands and products that work in partnerships with them, will want to immediately integrate mobile strategies to battle shadow banning. 

Our industry must find ways to combat shadow banning. Which is why we preach to our clients, that if you are going to use social media, acquire follows and then immediately funnel them over onto mobile to engage and get your CBD brand message out to them.  For when the time the your account is shadow banned or much worse deleted, your entire list will not be lost.

Mobile strategies can get the right message across as branding opportunities in the functions ads that appear as mobile coupons, loyalty cards and event notifications that include top lock screen messaging thats compliant in all 33 legal States and  used by  tech savvy forward LPs and clinics in Canada, now the most watched country to see how legalization is handled, being the first G-7 country to do so. 



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Our compliant ad platform is a real time communications tool that informs, educates and reminds  clients,  creating brand engagement and there’s no better place to do it then right where they’re looking – on their mobile device.


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The time is now more than ever, for cannabis to find places in the marketing channels where they are welcomed and a mobile channel fits the bill. You don’t want to wake up tomorrow to learn that your Facebook page is not found.


Don’t let tech giants put cannabis back into the shadows!


As social media networks as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are limiting opportunities to be seen on their network and its not inclusive to the cannabis industry; its shadow banning techniques, its not being allowed to use paid ads nor keep a business page- as their tightening their policy belts, as it were.


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Just the other day at a conference in Niagara Falls I heard a social media manager talk about being shadow banned by Facebook and Instagram, the only way to let them know about disappointment is to get on a grassroots level by continually emailing them.


Now why the sentiment is good, there’s not a thing thats going to be done about it while they tighten policy and hide behind the FCC ruling the cannabis is schedule 1 drug.

What you can do is, build up your own list with a client base is yours and shout out to them on their devices.



Its easy to do. – take advantage of Facebook and Instagram to get the followers your crave and keep them onto mobile with simple lock screen messages. Our compliant ad platform is an advantage over your competitors, talk to us, we’ll show you how.