It was another dreary day overlooking the bay in Vancouver while those huddled…

Alright, Lift Expo was more than a dreary day, it was a bright spot in one and it didn’t disappoint. It brought together both curious consumers and industry leaders for a jam packed expo. 


There were many of us around, well many of us in the industry of course, I was fortunate enough to be associated with Flower and Freedom lifestyle brand that creates conversations about using cannabis while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


Both Bethany Rae, founder of Flower and Freedom and The Her(b) Life’s Gill Polard  agree that Lift Expo really resonates with whats going on in the industry right now.

And they’re right!

Many want to invest and went to sessions to learn more about the direction of the companies  to invest in along with the direction of having Canada be legalized recreational cannabis.

Speaking to those  in and out of sessions, I found that:

Many want to get started with a product idea


Many are curious on how to use cannabis and not be stigmatized.

A friend of mine, Mark Snedden owner of The Green Hart dispensary on Vancouver Island is concerned over the craft growers, what happens to them if they are not Big Cannabis? How will his dispensary be effected when the legislation comes in the summer?

And all the answers could be found on the day prior to the expo with the business all-day event. Which many went to finding answers to invest or where the stand with proposed regulations.


[Where does U.S. cannabis go from here now that the Cole Memo is rescinded? Listen to Episode 57 to find out the latest cannabis updates]


Now – fast forward to Lift Expo in Toronto with legalization in place, in Canada, the Expo attracts all the top tier LPs and consumers to place that is respectful to the plant. 

The industry days have shifted its focus to investors and stock speculation within in LPs as the marijuana index has seen a significant drop as these companies are restrategize and figure out the ins and outs of cannabis packaging.

The expo days brought with it many from the industry and since recreational legalization, many lookie loos, meaning those that are curious about the industry, on the way to the Blue Jays game being played in the stadium next door. 


Big booths by Licensed Producers with line ups for freebees take over the expo floor

Thanks Lift Expo for putting on some great after party events, Agnes Kwasniewska Master Grower and Terry Lake from HEX), I appreciate the hospitality after the expo, can’t wait to attend the next one in Toronto.


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