The Midway Point on the Path Canada’s Cannabis Legalization



Where does Canada stand right now, a mid way update, so far its been left to the provinces.

Unless than a year recreational cannabis will be legalized in Canada.


Ontario just announced opening 40 stores following the LCBO

Eventually expanding it to 150 stores Finance Minister Charles Sousa says:

When it comes to retail distribution, the LCBO has the expertise, the experience and the insight, to ensure careful control of cannabis, to help us discourage illicit market activity and see that illegal dispensaries are shut down.

Its still undetermined how much tax dollars it will bring into the province.


British Columbia’s new Premier John Horgan will be prepared for when legalization rolls around next summer.


Brian Pallister from Manitoba pushes for a one year delay to legalization as he is not prepared

..For us to rush into this, we’re putting tremendous risks at play, we’re also putting tremendous costs into the provinces’ hands.


Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall supports an extension.


Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, states:


“premiers are facing big policy decisions and major challenges implementing the changes.” and not to “rule out asking for an extension.”


Some premiers want what BC is doing and shares the vision of an economic opportunity as New Brunswick’s Premier Brain Gallant who’s agriculture is prepared to shift to growing production of the plant when it become legalized.


CMA Canadian Medical Association recommends that when medical marijuana is legalized that research be conducted on cannabis before it should be approved for widespread medical use.

Ways to do that are a decrease stigma for patients and child seizures reduced with its use. 


The five issues that Premiers would like resolved when preparing for next summer legalization, is in a report that will be released November 1st by Working Group on the matter.


  Five critical issues

  1. -road safety
  2. -taxes, cost coverage
  3. -preparation & sharing of distribution network
  4. -public education campaigns
  5. -supply/demand regarding relations to the black market



Until then there’s Premiers and different sides of readiness, authorities that are still far from putting anything practical into place. the midway point to cannabis legalization is still a rocky one for the provinces.


We’ll wait to see what comes from the next report to be released in November.