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Cannabis Wallet Event Tickets are live for a full year from original purchase –

Start issuing event tickets to attendees well before your event date to maximize engagement and communication opportunities – two updates per month (before and after your event) are included with the purchase price.  

The month prior to your event, send out updates and push notifications more frequently – as many as ten updates 

During the week prior to your event, as well as your actual event, send daily updates 

Use your additional promo passes to provide value add to sponsors, promote your business, create interesting events within an event, or provide educational or other information for your attendees who choose to install multiple passes.  

When you place an order, it takes us normally less than one business day to contact you to discuss your event and how to best utilize Event Tickets.  

As soon as you’ve approved the coupons, we’ll provide you with the QR code image and the download link, so you can start promoting your business with Cannabis Wallet Event Tickets – integrate them with your mailing list, social media, search engine results, paid campaigns or in-store or at-event signage.  

Order mobile event tickets securely here