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More Info - Coupons

Cannabis Wallet Coupons can be billed two ways –

the monthly plan or the annual plan (yes, there’s a discount if you want to pay for a year up front). 

Both plans offer the choice of:

  • single coupon (two monthly updates)
  • 5 coupons (ten monthly updates)
  • 10 coupons (twenty monthly updates)

We can always create a custom package for you if would like more Coupons. 

When you place an order, it takes us normally less than one business day to contact you to start creating your Cannabis Wallet Coupons.  You’ll need to provide us with a couple of simple graphics (logo, front of pass) and your text and links for the back of the pass. 

Once we have this info from you, the average turn around time is one business day to get the first draft ready for approval or revision.  

As soon as you’ve approved the coupons, we’ll provide you with the QR code image and the download link, so you can start promoting your business with Cannabis Wallet Coupons – integrate them with your mailing list, social media, search engine results, paid campaigns or in-store or at-event signage.  

Order mobile wallet coupons securely here