What is Mobile Wallet Marketing? 

Direct access, marketing & communication tool with customers using their mobile phones.



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Mobile Wallet Passes on iPhone

Mobile wallet marketing passes are primarily designed for iPhone, using Apple Wallet.   The back of the passes offer many options for Call-to-Action links such as Click to Call, Click to Email, Maps, and launching installed apps such as social media, video and audio players like iTunes or SoundCloud and more.  They’re compatible with Android via a third party app from Google Play. 

The main reasons for using mobile wallet passes in the legal cannabis industry:

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns – why make a prospect or current customer open yet another email in order to receive your message?  With mobile wallet passes it’s simple and easy to change up offers, present partner offers, or provide educational or other information to installed users
  • Digital Business Cards – quickly and easily share your contact info to other iPhone users; update info as needed without having to redistribute cards
  • Membership Cards, Gift Cards, Store Cards – rather than carrying around a wallet full of single purpose plastic or paper cards, it’s much easier for members or customers to sort and use their digital cards in your business location; use these digitally for customers who want easy re-order links, access to reviews & ratings, and for partner offers
  • Event Tickets – if you’re hosting an event or have a recurring podcast, video show or live streaming event, remind users when the latest episode is out, prompt them to tune in for live events or offer them easy access to your recorded library

Be up and running in as little as 3 business days. 

Passes are updated in real time with lock screen notifications, geofencing, iBeacons, and time relevant push notifications.   Every iPhone owner already has Apple Wallet installed, it’s part of the iOS operating system.  Android users can select from a number of compatible wallet apps at the Google Play Store. 

For more information about effectively using mobile wallet marketing passes, check out the blog and the podcast at DominoResearch.com.

To find out more about pass technology and how it works for business owners and consumers, check out MobileWalletMarketer.com.

How Does Mobile Marketing Help Me Grow My Business?

Connect with your customers and prospects, using their mobile phone.  

You can:

  • Send messages to the lock screen – “We have a great deal on Product M today!  Check it out!”
  • Send messages via geofencing or iBeacons – “Hey, stop in and check out this great deal” or “We’re in booth 763 here at Hempfest”
  • Keep current or prospective customers up to date with your marketing or educational efforts – “Check out the new Tommy Chong podcast update”
  • Issue tickets to events and remind attendees to show up – “Don’t forget that we’re having a Customer Appreciation Event on Friday evening at 7 pm”
  • Give users coupons, discounts, or other members only deals – “Bring this pass in to receive a 20% discount on elixirs this week”

Messages are sent to the lock screen of the users iPhone (via the Wallet app) or Android (via a third party wallet app), and both sides can be viewed without unlocking the phone.  Pass links cannot be tapped unless the user opens the Wallet app.  

Not all state and local laws allow for all features to be enabled in order to maintain compliance.  

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There are three types of passes