There are lots of different ways to market your legal cannabis business.

Some states that permit legal cannabis sales don’t allow for any advertising, and others place restrictions on where, when or how you can advertise. ┬á And while it’s possible that you might not be able to actively advertise your dispensary or delivery service using more traditional means, hosting your own loyalty program or digital membership card is not usually considered advertising per se.*

#MobileFirst marketing is a simple concept – all advertising and marketing and customer awareness is built with the idea that most people will see your ads and marketing on mobile devices; well more than half of all online time is spent on mobile today, with desktop a rapidly dwindling second place.┬á

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Providing customers, referrals and prospects with the information that is designed for mobile and enhances their experience is a GREAT way to build a loyal customer base and to develop a rapport with repeat customers.  Mobile apps such as Leafly and MassRoots have proven that legal cannabis businesses can and do see results with mobile. 

If you haven’t been introduced to our podcast series, then you might not realize that we have several legal cannabis specific episodes. ┬áMobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy┬áis the podcast series, and we’ll present a few of the cannabis related episodes here on

We’ll send you email updates about the cannabis related podcast episodes, and you can grab your earbuds and a fresh cup of coffee (or something more mellow if you like, lol!) — find out the best ways to use #MobileFirst to help build your legal cannabiz, and of course we are always available to answer any questions you may have about our products or about mobile marketing or advertising in general. ┬á


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EXCERPT: In states and provinces where marijuana sales are legal, either for medicinal or recreational use, many cannabis dispensaries and delivery services have started to use mobile wallet marketing as part of their ad campaigns. 

Quick summaryif you own a dispensary or delivery service, there is a LOT of competition out there in most areas, especially the lucrative zip codes. ┬áCreating an easy way for your customer base to know what the latest and greatest strains you’re stocking, any kind of special pricing or giveaways, or notifying them when you’re hosting a special event are all important tactics in developing an ongoing relationship with your client base.┬á

#MobileWallet marketing also generates a SUPER EASY & SIMPLE means to get referrals from existing customers – they can tell their friends, neighbors and co-workers about you – and hook them up directly to you – ┬áwith a couple of taps on each mobile device.┬á

Explore your options with digital alternatives, go #MobileFirst any time you can, and work to increase your customer base while solidifying your relationship with your patrons.