420 Vancouver on Sunset Beach was large this year, by the time 4:20 rolled around, an estimated crowd was 35,000 up from 13,000 the year before.

That’s a huge amount of people on the rainy beach. It was busy and makes ┬áit difficult for one booth to stand out from another. Signage at the booth was key for me. At first glance it may be difficult to figure out what everyone is selling and how it differs over at the next one.

It gave me a great chance to have┬ádispensaries use the technologies that a mobile wallet pass ┬áis made for – ┬áto receive proximity messages in close range to the dispensaries’ booth.

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We set up iBeacons at Dispensary A, B and C booths and put appropriate messages┬áto inform consumers of what the booth’s specials are for the day. We call these Mobile updates

HereÔÇÖs how Dispensary are located at Vancouver 420

Once iBeacons are set up and messages are set once a dispensary patient walks near booth, about 700 meters away from it, to be exact, a notification will go off on patients mobile device.

The patient checks on the lock screen to see the mobile update with┬ádispensaryÔÇÖs offers at the festival. These dispensary owners chose mobile updates to notify patients to come to their booth when in the approximate vicinity of the booth. Now a patient will walk over to the booth, increasing foot traffic and your bottom line.

This is a mobile strategy that dispensaries need to have in the arsenal of marketing tools when competition is tough as you can see from these festival photos.

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Here how messages cycle works using a mobile wallet pass:

Marketing opportunities for these dispensaries to increase their ROI didnÔÇÖt happen overnight. A┬ábuilt up their follow list starts with the┬ábudtenders informing patients to add the dispensary mobile wallet pass into their mobile device and the point of sale.

Once the festival arrived its easy as filling out a form for these dispensaries to set up their mobile update and use iBeacons to notify their patients of where they are in Sunset Beach

These mobile strategies of proximity marketing is how we assist dispensaries.Talk to us. We work on getting your marketing strategy working with what work – a dispensary mobile pass.┬á