There was a knock at the door at the same time I was about to go live for an interview.


I knew who it was because as I set my devices on Do Not Disturb, I saw that my brother called – and timing is everything.

I just moved cities back to my hometown, Toronto and was setting up my new place while my brother came over at the exact time as my interview.  – AHHHH!

I did not want to be rude to him but no choice, luckily he understood.



The hosts were waiting and ready to go live and what a fantastic interview it was –

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BANKING: "The Making of the Smartest Person in the Room"

"The Making of the Smartest Person in the Room"BANKING: Hazel Fruitman, CMO Cannabis Wallet

Posted by Kadin Academy on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

What did I gain from it?

I met some great contacts afterwards and are in talks moving forward with some business development with them.


Not only that – I have an interview lined up for a future podcast on Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy.


Good things are happening over at Cannabis Wallet with our compliant marketing platform and we are continuing to take applicants for deposit banking and credit card processing over at


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As we are full swing into summer, we find ourselves on the conference trail.  Kim Stuart just came back from the NCIA caucus meeting in San Francisco before heading to the Cannabis Business Summit in San Jose at the end of July.

Later in the summer we’ll be in Toronto for the next MJBIZ conference.


Although its at the same venue as Lift Expo was not two months ago, it should feature different booths with more of a business agenda. In fact, looking it over, I’m noticing a handful of different industry people.  Which is great as Canada heads into legalization in a few months.


Cannabis networking events I find a lot of fun socializing, especially when meeting like minded people.


When deciding to go to a networking event, we discuss who’s exhibiting, the speakers that are on panels, along with who is the target demographic to see if its a B2C or B2B show, finally the cost to attending the event.


We combine all these factors together which leads us to attending these two conferences this summer.



Ask us about it in San Jose and Toronto. I know Kim’s set up meetings already for San Jose, be sure that one of those meetings is with you!