Cannabis Wallet allows your cannabis business or brand to be seen on a mobile phone – all without an app. Its as easy as filling out a form – cannabis wallet campaigns are your marketing campaigns seen on mobile. 

In the last few weeks I’ve followed up with cannabis businesses that have hemp related skincare, vapes and dispensaries and have come with 7 top reasons cannabis businesses love using Cannabis Wallet to reach their target audience.



7 Mobile ads without an app – You don’t need to be in the app business to have a mobile ad be      seen on a mobile device. Mobile wallet campaigns are easy as filling out a form.


– No servers or developers – no need for app discovery or be ignored by a tiny banner ad in an      game app waiting to tapped.





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–  Works with other marketing campaigns – we work with companies just like yours everyday. No matter your legal cannabis business  – your ad spend will be on target and your message be seen on a mobile device. Any of your current promotions will be mobile offers.



4– Get the SMS response rates without having to send SMS messages – Yes, it is.  We said it, our competitors say it, the stats say it, and it’s true. You’re using the LOCK SCREEN to send the updates and that’s the thing that everyone looks at around 80 times each day on average. It’s a compelling call to action and it gets results.


3 – Its as easy as getting social media likes or follows, share features make it easy to pass the pass around from phone to phone or on social media sites.

If you can tell people to follow you on social media like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, then you can promote your business or service using a mobile wallet campaign. That’s it, nothing too complicated or too hard.  You can tell them to share your pass with their friends, neighbors, co-workers and family – making your stuff go viral way faster and more easily than almost any other method.






2 – Mobile updates on the lock screen Notifications, reminders or offers are seen on the lock screen. This is absolutely phenomenal  and shouldn’t NOT be overlooked. The ability to reach into people smartphones delivers real value.



1 –  $7 Cannabiz Card is selling way to cheap right now

We want you to get a chance to try it and see just how easy it is to promote your cannabis business or service with it. The ROI is truly amazing, its cost effective and convenient.


Unlike building your own app, or sending SMS, there are no hidden expenses, and no chance of losing your account because your email provider or social network didn’t like your promotion (like we haven’t all seen that happen before).

Heck, you can do the $7 Cannabiz Card to try it out for only $7 — that’s like a trip to Starbucks on a weekday morning.


It won’t be that cheap forever.