If you are like us, I’m sure the number of Zoom meetings and webinars lately being attended lately is skyrocketed. 

Virtual meetings is the new way of living, to ensure your presence in a mobile channel is established during these times, we have simple mobile strategies to use while on Zoom.    

First time installation mobile app skyrocketed 728% since March 2, 2020. Zoom’s service is becoming an essential one as its growth is seeing new heights. 

What we are seeing engagement Soar with Zoom and we take our mobile Strategies and apply them to it. With many of them pivoting, businesses adapting online courses, webinars and classroom education meet virtually and the product needs to work well every time.


Now many of our clients have pivoted their marketing efforts to work with Zoom, as they discover #distancemarketing during these pandemic times.



We have tested these working strategies for brands and business  get ahead of the competition as businesses with #distancemarketing now that industries are starting to open again and are trying anything to stay recession-proofed.


A well developed Mobile channel can assist your business be recession-proofed – do it now as marketing results take time to build That way when a second wave hits, you’ll be prepared and see a rise in online classes and seminars with clients ready to see what you are offering.


Wellness coaching and classes are now the new normal as practicing social distancing in clinics, wellness centers and retail and all have their various challenges.

Scheduling classes and reminders now also have to deal with extra security measures to join a meeting, thanks to hackers and Zoombombers,  just before the meeting sending out the password code is visible right on the lock screen.

Nowadays at home, its an effort to get yourself in shipshape, brushing your hair, buttoning the shirt, positioning the camera takes a minute, and its nice to know when an upcoming meeting is approaching to give yourself a minute to prepare Bad framing won’t make you look good.


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To prepare beforehand our platform has access to mobile notifications to give them a warning to prepare for the meeting and getting the dogs out of the room, woof.

Record with purpose. Use the content it breaks up as video, audio and transcript to use as part of the mini-hub.

To tell the brand’s story over these video meetings to get new prospects on board is to use to create various content streams. Its ability to create audio, video and transcripts allows a brand to reuse their meeting for classes. Record the meeting to reprise it for other marketing material. as webinars, explainer videos. Not only are you adding more content, you’re adding it directly onto your mobile channel, using your mini-hub to access it.

How with one tap you’re able to have prospects listen or watch the latest webinar, right from the mini-hub that’s the same place it updates with reminder’s to the next one.


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And its not only wellness and retail centers that are adapting. Many trade show and events are now trying to take it virtual.

These same applied mobile strategies can be used for such #cannaevents.

Notifications to attendees in the form of reminder seminars, sponsored promotions or virtual tips are all messaging that makes a mobile channel even more vital during these pandemic times.

Remote is the new way of living, be sure you establish a mobile presence with your efforts. Talk to us about getting your messaging established on a mobile channel and be prepared to soar with your mobile strategies.